Please stop and check out our scrip table after the Sunday services. Buy gift cards for places you frequent, such as grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and on-line shopping.

They also make great gifts.

Goeman’s scrip cards can be used to purchase a car wash at the new car wash facility. Your car wash is discounted with the purchase of gas. We now have Goeman’s in $25, $50 and $100 increments.


Why Is Scrip only ordered once per month?

There is a shipping charge of $8.50 for every order placed-no matter how small or how large. So ordering for a small amount would eat up the profits that we would make. A large order is placed once per month, so if possible to think ahead if there is something you would like, give Patty Butenhoff a call and she will do her best to have it for you. We try to keep the bestselling cards in stock. Pick up a list of what can be ordered and take it home with you.

How it works is that we buy the gift cards at a discount and sell them at face value. The DSLC Youth receives the profits. Please take part in this great program.

Remember you can use Walgreens scrip cards to

purchase your prescriptions.

Some of the Scrip that is always available:

Applebee’s – Bath & Body Works – Boston Store – BP -Buffalo Wild Wings – Burger King – Cabela’s – Chili’s – Cousin’s Subs – Dairy Queen – Dress Barn – Dunkin’ Donuts – Home Depot – iTunes – Kohl’s – Kwik Trip – Marcus Theaters – Maurice’s – Meijer – Menard’s – Noodles & Co. – Panera Bread – Papa Murphy’s Pizza – Pick & Save – Piggly Wiggly – Red Lobster/Olive Garden – ShopKo – Starbuck’s – Subway – Taco Bell – Target – TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods – Uno’s Pizzeria & Grill – Walgreens – Walmart/Sam’s Club

And thanks to the local businesses that participate in the Scrip Program that we contact individually. They include:

Mineshaft – Culver’s – Perc Place – Faith & Giggles – Ponderosa – Goeman’s Rapid Mart – Puebla’s Kitchen  Hartford Theater – Scoop DeVille – McDonald’s

To access Great Lakes Scrip website, click on

Questions? Contact: Patty Butenhoff