Book Club

Divine Saviorbooks Book Club

Wednesday, March 14

9 a.m.
The Mineshaft Restaurant, Hartford


Join us for our discussion on “The Buckeye”, a World War II Novel,

by Troy Allen.

“With the unexpected death of his father during his senior year in high school, Tucker McQueen was adrift in life without a compass to guide him. Spending a year at a dull factory where each day became indistinguishable from the next, Tucker desired to escape the monotony of a time-punching future for which he seemed destined. Perhaps, being led more by providence than by talent, he lands a junior staff position at a local newspaper. After a year of hard work, his fear of merely trading time for dollars reemerges when he realizes that his articles, sprinkled among the more noteworthy stories, are only fillers for leftover spots.”

“Finally, fate finds him when what appears to be an ordinary assignment sets in motion a series of events that alters the very course of his life. While taking a flight aboard a vintage World War II B-24 bomber, he discovers a hidden journal of a young man who had served his country as a navigator. Intrigue and adventure, with an unknown outcome, await as Tucker is swept up in the life story of a man of his age who had been promised death and destruction but instead discovered love, friendship, and beauty among the ugliest aspects of humanity. Tucker’s search to return the journal to its owner leads him to distant cities and ultimately across the Atlantic Ocean as he attempts to unravel a decade’s old mystery.”

  If you would like this book, please see your favorite bookstore or library.

Everyone is welcome! The DSLC Book Club meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month. The morning begins with breakfast and a lively discussion of the book that we just read.